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Cayenne Pepper for Heart Health

A great number of people have recently discovered the benefits of natural health remedies. As research continues to produce evidence of the effectiveness of some of our oldest herbal remedies, many people have begun to accept them as viable alternatives to standard medical treatment. Few systems would benefit from natural healing so well as the heart, which is both vitally important and devastatingly delicate. Cayenne’s heart health benefits are its greatest claim to fame, and there is likely no other herb - or indeed any medication - capable of emulating it.

Heart Health Dangers

While all of the body’s parts work together for the health of the whole, the argument could be made that none are as vital as the heart. The heart provides essential oxygen to every part of the body, which is necessary for every function our systems perform. The importance of the heart is easily demonstrated by the fact that worldwide deaths are more frequently a result of heart disease than of any other killer, including cancer and AIDS. There are many risks that can contribute to heart failure, especially in families with a history of heart disease. The term heart disease is actually a blanket term that may include one of several conditions. These may include conditions of the blood vessels such as coronary artery disease, infections of the heart, heart rhythm difficulties, and birth defects. Heart disease is often confused with cardiovascular disease, although the latter more likely refers to narrowed or blocked blood vessels, a condition that may lead to high blood pressure, chest pain, cardiac arrest or even a stroke. Cardiovascular disease is most commonly caused by plaque buildup from cholesterol, inflammation of the blood vessels, or a combination of the two.

Cayenne’s Heart Health Effects

Cayenne has long been known for its miraculous effects on heart health, especially its long-term benefits. Cayenne contains a compound known as capsaicin, the active agent that gives it such powerful heat. Capsaicin and its chemical cousins, known as capsaicinoids, have been clinically shown to reduce LDL cholesterol count, as well as clear plaque buildup in the arteries, and its anti-inflammatory effects reduce arterial inflammation. This reduces blood flow resistance, which can lower blood pressure as well as the strain it causes on the heart. Cayenne is also a natural stimulant, compelling the heart to pump blood more strongly and with greater regularity. In spite of how it may sound, this actually reduces the occurrence of heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat, marking yet another benefit for capsaicin.